Why front-end developler should choose JAM stack ?

Minh-Tri Le

Minh-Tri Le on Dec 11, 2022




Hi folks, as a front-end developler I have build some project with JAM stack and I think it is nice to share why we consider using JAM stack.

What I built

A JAM stack website with Gatsby js as Front-end libbary and Wordpress as headless CMS.

Why you should choose

1. Improved Developer Experience

Front-end visuals like layout, graphics, theme, etc., and back-end get decoupled, the development team can work effortlessly.
With the back end, developers can opt for their favorite framework to provide an improved user experience throughout the project development.
The front end lets the developers adapt the platform through APIs. That way they get all they require for the job and use their preferred programming language.
Finally, as the front end is isolated from the back end, there is no need to get into the code whenever you want to tweak your project. It helps your business to respond to changes faster.

2. Speed

The reason behind high-performing JAMstack-based websites is the prebuilt content. It aids in building a website instead of creating it in real time. Thus, the entire process is just quicker.
Moreover, it serves pre-built markup and content on a CDN that helps clients/users to get the content rapidly, better, and easily.

3. Fast develope

It can be blazing fast. Since the Jamstack relies less on a server and the database, it'll often load very fast for the page visitor. By effectively caching all of your content on a CDN and focusing on a clean front-end code, you avoid many of the processes normally involved in loading a web page.

In a Nutshell

The developers always aim to build the best experience possible. Along with appropriate implementation, results matter most. Developing a quick and excellent website should be the fundamental objective of each brand to offer a superior user experience.
JAMstack is a modern approach to thinking about app development and delivery. The architecture is tailored to plug-and-play services based on your requirements. It helps to mitigate overall development costs dramatically and deliver better customer satisfaction.